Thursday, June 4, 2015

Last day of school!

It seems fitting that I posted our first day of school and here I am posting about our last day!

Life as a mother of 6 gets busy! We have kids going in every direction for activities and instruction. The oldest 3 girls started piano lessons. They like them but are not over the top about them. Mom and Dad love the piano so hopefully they will stick with it.

I lost my mom to cancer in October.
We had Fall soccer and Winter basketball and Fall soccer and now it is time for swimming!
We took a family vacation over Spring  Break.

We have swimming lessons planned along with a basketball camp and some tutoring.
We are hoping for a family trip too.

So here is another update in pictures. Maybe I'll come back to blogging. Later.
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Back to SCHOOL

Summer is over! We spent most days in the pool. We grew an awesome garden and spent some time with family. Isaac turned 1, Halle turned 9, Syd turned 4.
Now the kids are back to school! And Sydney is doing dance and gymnastics!

I have been busy enjoying photography. I have a gallery of my favorite pictures. Feel free to check it out. I've officially shot a wedding, that was so fun and hectic! Senior pictures under my belt!
This is a gallery of all of my favorites:

Here is another lame update in pictures.

Monday, June 23, 2014


Summer is here!
Isaac turns 1 in a few days. Payton is running in a Track Club this summer and the kids are loving our pool.
I am slowly disengaging from the blogging world but fear leaving it completely. I enjoy blogging but find that I'd much rather be most anywhere else :)

So here it is again, an update in pictures!